July 10 1969 - Fort Worth Star Telegram

Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth

Police Suspect Pranksters

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram
By Jim Marrs, Thursday, July 10 1969

Six terrified residents told police early today they were attacked by a thing they described as being half-man, half-goat and covered with fur and scales.
Four units of Fort Worth police and the residents searched in vain for the thing, which was reported seen at Lake Worth, near Greer Island.

The six residents were parked near the island.

* * *
"WE'VE HAD REPORTS about this thing for about two months,' a police dispatcher said this morning, "but we've always laughed them off as pranks."

This time, however, police apparently believe the six were frightened by someone or something.

Police said John Reichert of 920 S. Henderson told this story:

* * *
REICHART, ALONG WITH his wife and two other couples, was parked at Lake Worth about midnight when someone or something leaped from a nearby tree and landed on their car.

The thing was described as being covered with fur and scales and being "part man and part goat."

Reichart said the thing tried to grab his wife but he drove off before it could touch her.

* * *
RETURNING TO THE scene with police, Reichert pointed out where the attack took place, but no sign of the thing could be found.

Reichert showed officers an 18-inch scratch down the side of his car which he said the thing made with its claw-like hands.

"We made a serious investigation," said patrolman James S. McGee, "because these people were really scared."

* * *
HOWEVER, McGEE SAID the couples probably were the victims of pranksters, who either threw a dummy on the car or dressed someone in an ape costume.

"That's a dangerous way to pull a prank," added McGee. "Someone is liable to get themselves shot."

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Lake Worth Monster (aka Goatman) said...

I did NOT scratch that guy's car. It was already scratched! That bone head just wanted a new paint job at my expense.

Jeffro said...

Hello I am starting a podcast and would love to possibly interview you for one of the podcasts about this story. Would you be interested in doing something like this?